Practical information for visitors

Please make sure you have read the Code of Conduct.

NB: If some information differs between the web page and the IASC Herald, the web page is the most up to date.

There will NOT be mead nor other alcoholic beverages for sale at IASC 2015. You will have to buy everything above 3.5% alcohol at Systembolaget in Hyltebruk or bring it. You are welcome to share homemade brews, but not sell (according to Swedish laws). Hyltebruk is 20-30 minutes away by car; trips there will be coordinated. They usually don’t have much mead; but they are asked to get some extra on their shelves for this event.

Work clans

You will be assigned to a work clan, and help out together with the same group during the week. Tasks are things like cleaning, making coffee, assisting the chef in cooking etc. Everyone not hindered by serious illness are expected to help out to make the most of this camp.


Breakfast will be served at “Gläntan” (see map below). You are welcome to arrive from 7:45 to 8:15 (and sit until 8:45).

Lunch will be served at “Gläntan” in three servings: 11:30, 12:15, and 13:00.

Dinner will be served in Vildmarksgymnasiet around 18:00 – 19:00.

For those with very special food requirements: You will get information upon arrival or before. There are a few that can’t eat at “Gläntan”…

Sign in on arrival

In the entrance of Vildmarksgymnasiet, there will be someone registering arrivals, giving out keys etc.

Travel by bus

If you travel without a car, there is good information in the Herald about how to get to Hyltebruk. We will be organising pickup by car from Hyltebruk, contact Nathalie by e-mail including: what time will you arrive at Hyltebruk bus terminal and with how many people you want to be picked up. A telephone number would be usefull as well.

Car parking

There are several parking lots, depending on your lodging. See the map below. When you arrive, you should first go to Vildmarksgymnasiet (with the “Small parking”) to register, before you place your car in the correct parking lot:

  • For those with tents: Tent parking
  • For those in Yellow house: Yellow house parking
  • For those at Vildmarksgymnasiet: Hembygdsgård parking


There are several locations for lodging:

  • Vildmarksgymnasiet (the main building)
  • Yellow house (old villa at the end of the ceremonial lawn)
  • Library (appartement above the old library)
  • Tent area (outside the sports hall)
  • Tent parking (outside the sports hall)

Rooms, beds and bedding: All adults (who haven’t already stated they bring their own) will get real beds, youths and children might get a matress or air matress on the floor. Bring sheets.

Lookup your location and room number in the sheet below. “Shared” means that more than one booking uses the same room. (This information could be changed before IASC starts.)

Here is a map of the area. Notice that the tent area is south of Unnaryd centrum, but it is a short walk away from Vildmarksgymnasiet. Click on the menu icon in the top left to se a list of named places.

Here is a map of the main floor of Vildmarksgymnasiet with lodging rooms, event rooms and Reception Desk (RD).