Even though ‘Asatru-EU Network’ is not an official body and we welcome all people interested in honouring Germanic Heathendom together, we consider it advisable to establish the following regulations (‘Code of Conduct’) in order to prevent misunderstandings or irregularities during gatherings and events organised by Asatru-EU Network .

As a participant of Asatru-EU Network, you commit yourself to comply with the Asatru-EU Network Code of Conduct.

1.) Each participant of is expected to treat the other participants with respect and to conduct him- or herself honourably.

2.) Racist or discriminatory conduct, and more generally: causing a nuisance at Asatru-EU Network (gatherings of all kind in real life or on the internet) for other participants and/or the area wherein the Asatru-EU Network gatherings are held, will lead to the expulsion from of the person(s) concerned.

3.) Asatru-EU Network reserves the right to exclude individuals or groups, of which it has reason to suspect that they might not comply with this code of conduct or otherwise threaten to upset the frithgarth- of Asatru-EU Network (gatherings of all kind in real life or on the internet).

4.) The organizations and/or individuals involved in Asatru-EU Network cannot be held responsible for the acts and/or deeds of individual participants at Asatru-EU Network  (gatherings of all kind in real life or on the internet). Asatru-EU Network and its organizers/participants carries no collective responsibility. They are also not responsible for damage arising during Asatru-EU Network gatherings and inflicted on persons or personal property.