The International Ásatrú Summer Camp is a week during which heathen from all over the world can   get together and enjoy each others company, leaving to unforgettable memories and also creating everlasting friendships.  It provides a unique opportunity to meet other heathen in surroundings of beauty, joy and learning. The combination of recreational, educational and social activities makes the camp an exciting opportunity for both individuals and families with children. Amongst a wide range of activities for children and adults there are games, blots, bonfires, a variety of arts and crafts, as well as lectures and workshops on Ásatrú, Runes and Seidr.

The International Ásatrú Summer Camp is coordinated by heathen for heathens and takes place every 3 years in a different country. The organisation of the camp is done by the local heathen associations correlated to Asatru European Network (AEUN).

IASC is held under a rigorous inclusive conviction, open to everybody and not tolerating any exclusive mindset, therefore we created our Code of Conduct  and the IASC council  to guarantee the inclusive approach to our religion.