In 2015 the summer camp was hosted by Swedish Samfundet Forn Sed Sverige and held at Vildmarksgymnasiet in Unnaryd in Sweden for the third International Asatru Summer Camp organised by Asatru-Eu Network. Around 120 heathens gathered at magic meadows, weaving a strong net of friendship through religion and spirituality.


IASC 2015 Program


-Why heathenry cannot be secular                 -Ancestors                            -Forn Sidr and the Rights of Nature

-The Soul of the Land                                        -Cosmology of Seidr: a new academic study

– Introduction Project Blot Experiences          -Sense and non-sense of historical research

-What’s in a name?’ -How the ancestors perceived the names of the gods


-Bronze-casting                                                  -Runic  Constellations        -Stick Spinning

-Frey’s Mysteries                                                -Asatru and history              -The World Tree: a cosmic and inner axis

-Hear the gods through theatre or experience the gods through theatre

Religious practice

-Morning Meditation                                           -Opening Ceremony          -Shamanic practise

-Seidr: Flame of Frith                                         -German blót                        -Danisch blót

-Frensh blót                                                         -Solberg blót                        -Bifrost anno 1996 blót

-Spanisch blót                                                     -Singing Circle                     -Big Wednesday blót

-Singing bowl meditation: Nine Worlds          -Spá-ritual / Hjalle sitting    -Closing Ceremony

-Frigga’s Famous Powersinging

Childrens program

-Cookie baking                                                   -Needle Felting                   -Glass painting


-Mjödhammen Mead Tasting                           -Surströmmingshelgd        -Wednesday Gille -Festive Dinner

-Movies: The Wicker Man                                 -Friday Fair with auction    -Play: Quest for the Thingy

-Friday Party                                                        -Excursion to archeological sites

For all the inside information, impressions, stories and happenings get the IASC 2009 Heralds

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