A-IASC 2015

In 2015 the summer camp was hosted by Swedish Samfundet Forn Sed Sverige and held at Vildmarksgymnasiet in Unnaryd in Sweden for the third International Asatru Summer Camp organised by Asatru-Eu Network. Around 120 heathens gathered at magic meadows, weaving a strong net of friendship through religion and spirituality.


IASC 2015 Program


-Why heathenry cannot be secular                 -Ancestors                            -Forn Sidr and the Rights of Nature

-The Soul of the Land                                        -Cosmology of Seidr: a new academic study

– Introduction Project Blot Experiences          -Sense and non-sense of historical research

-What’s in a name?’ -How the ancestors perceived the names of the gods


-Bronze-casting                                                  -Runic  Constellations        -Stick Spinning

-Frey’s Mysteries                                                -Asatru and history              -The World Tree: a cosmic and inner axis

-Hear the gods through theatre or experience the gods through theatre

Religious practice

-Morning Meditation                                           -Opening Ceremony          -Shamanic practise

-Seidr: Flame of Frith                                         -German blót                        -Danisch blót

-Frensh blót                                                         -Solberg blót                        -Bifrost anno 1996 blót

-Spanisch blót                                                     -Singing Circle                     -Big Wednesday blót

-Singing bowl meditation: Nine Worlds          -Spá-ritual / Hjalle sitting    -Closing Ceremony

-Frigga’s Famous Powersinging

Childrens program

-Cookie baking                                                   -Needle Felting                   -Glass painting


-Mjödhammen Mead Tasting                           -Surströmmingshelgd        -Wednesday Gille -Festive Dinner

-Movies: The Wicker Man                                 -Friday Fair with auction    -Play: Quest for the Thingy

-Friday Party                                                        -Excursion to archeological sites

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