Asatru-Eu Network

Asatru-EU Network is a cooperation between several heathen organisations as well individuals. The aim is bringing together heathens for the furthering of understanding between them, the knowledge of the different aspects and practices of heathendom and hence expanding our horizon on Germanic heathendom today.

Although AEUN is European network with European members and groups only, AEUN welcomes guests and contact and/or cooperation with individuals and groups worldwide. All who agree upon the AEUN statement and comply with the AEUN Code of Conduct are welcome to join our gatherings of all kind in real life or on the internet.


The world wide web made and makes it easier to find other heathens at home and abroad. In the first years of this century the Danish heathen Martin Peter Hansen made the effort to contact individual heathens and heathen groups all over Europe. Back then he was chairman of the Danish asatru group Forn SiĆ°r and on behalf of this organisation he invited heathens from abroad to their allthing. People gladly accepted these invitations and this set off what over the years grew into Asatru-EU Network (AEUN).
In 2006 Martin Peter for the first time told about his dream of an international asatru summer camp. Two years later nine heathen groups from seven different European countries embraced the idea and after stormy preparations the first IASC took place in Denmark in 2009. The camp was all and more all people involved in the organisation and participants could have imagined and thus IASC became a main goal for AEUN.

At present Asatru Network is formed by fourteen heathen groups and some individuals, amongst them people from Iceland, Denmark and the Netherlands.