A-IASC 2012

This time the IASC was hosted in a Netherland-German cooperation, organized by the associations of Het Rad, Het negen werelden, Eldaring e.V and Verein für Germanisches Heidentum e.V.

Around 100 heathens gathered from Saturday July 28  – Saturday August 4 2012 in Sandhatten, Germany, joining in, leading a helping hand and building a strong community.


IASC 2012 Program


-Landscaping mythology of the stars              -Traditional weather lore in relation to seasonal festivities.

-Perchten and the Wild Hunt                            -Sex and religion

-The spindle, tool and symbol in history, mythology and fairy tales


-Shamanic guided meditation                          -Bronze casting                                   -Seidh

-Stick spinning                                                    -How to write German in runes

-Deepen your knowledge of runes

 Religious Practice

-Opening ceremony                                           -Shamanic guided meditation          -Powersinging

-Big Wednesday Blot                                         -International Spá ritual                     -Closing ceremony

Childrens program

-Digging contest                                                 -Movie for children                             -Kubb game

-Finger painting                                                  -Witches brews                                   -Making a fire and baking apples

-Puppet theatre                                                   -Scouting expedition for children with their parents


-Thor’s Tiki Bar                                                    -Werewolf game                                 -Auction

-Friday Party Time with lottery                         -Discussion: Sharing heathen rites

-Presentation of Marjatta’s rune cards            -Movies: The Wicker Man and Eric the Viking

-Excursion to “Pestruper Graberfeld” and “Großen Steine von Kleinenkneten

-Excursion to “VisbekerBraut” and “Visbeker Brautigam”

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