A-IASC 2018

Initially IASC 2018 should be organized by Gotland Forn Sed and held in Spain, precisely in the Alberg La Bruna of Bellver de Cerdanya. In autumn 2017 the board of Gotland Forn Sed (GFS) analysed the current situation in Catalonia, Spain, and after consulting a couple other Asatru-EU Network members concluded that there could be some risk for IASC to take place in Catalonia since the political instability crated an unclear scenery when it comes to planning less than a year ahead. So, with less than a year to plan a new localisation had to be found. We had a temptative offer from Bifröst Norway which offered to provide us with their own lodgings Idavollen Thingsted but it resulted too small to accommodate all. Finally we found a youth hostel in Germany, which still had enough capacity to host the event. So, again the Verein für Germanisches Heidentum e.V. with a big helping hand from Eldaring e.V., Miquel Sancho from Nóatún Catalunya Ásatrú and Frigga Asraaf from Het Rad, organized  the, in the mean time, fourth summer camp in the city of Gerolstein at Eifelsteig-Jugendherberge.

110 persons came together joining  IASC 2018 in a hot summer week, at the fiery volcanic land of the Eifel increasing and sharing their glowing hail.

IASC 2018 Programm



-The ubian Matronae                                         -Sex and religion                                -Yggdrasil

-Nazism in Fantasy and Paganism                 -Dynamic Rune reading                    -Talk on Norns and rituals

-Living landscape


-Creative conversation                                      -Bronze casting                                   -Carving runes in wood

-Singing and dancing in old heathendom

Religious Practice

-Opening ceremonie                                         -Chakra meditation                             -Circle of Memories

-Flame of Frith                                                    -Conecting with the earth                  -Voluspá ritual

-Ancestor blót                                                     -Seidr in our time                                -Handvasting

-Big Wednesday blót                                         -Ár nDraíocht Féin ritual                    -Closing ceremonie

Children Program

-Rune stamping                                                  -Potato printing                                   -Big Loki battle for young and old


-Daily market place                                            -Dark and Doomy Party                     -First heathen Karaoke

-Nine worlds in sound and song                      -Witches on wyrd ways                      -Heathen sing-a-long

-The cunning crown and company                  -Excursion to Trier                              -The ubian Matronae excursion

-Auction                                                                -Movies as always “The Wickerman”, both films

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