A-IASC 2009

Nine European Asatru groups together organised an eight-days-long summer camp from Saturday July 25 – Saturday August 1 2009, in Bogensholmlejren in Denmark.

More than 150 people gathered: women, men and children from at least 13 nationalities. They joint their company, had fun together, made a lot of new friends, learned from each other and shared their knowledge.

IASC 2009 Program


-The Vikings going east                     -Meeting the land Wights                  -The Eddas

-Ecology and Ásatrú                           -Sejdr                                                    -Ancestor constellations

-Creating a burial place                     -Meadival art                                        -German heathenry in modern times

-The myth of Freja (and the history of her cult)



-Bronze casting                                   -Sejdr                                                    -Blot practice

-Cursing and braging                         -Smiths work                                        -Jaw-harp

-Carving runes


Religious Practices

-Opening Blót                                      -Powersinging                                     -Singing with the Seidhmothers

-Thors Hallow                                      -Ending Blót


Children Program

-Self-defence for children                  -Smiths work for children                  -Baking Salt-dough runes (and others)

-Painting and drawing                        -Painting and tales                              -Traditional games for children



-Movies: Valhalla (Cartoon), the Wicker Man (old and new version)

-Storytelling                                         -Game Warewolf                                -Horserace/ tournament game

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