A-Herald Archive

IASC Herald

Bevor and after every International Ásatrú Summer Camp a journal, named IASC Herald, is released. The pre-camp Herald contains mainly descriptions of the camp sites, useful information on the country where it will be held and lots of information about the program to be offered.

The post-camp Herald contains stories and impressions about the camp and the final program, which has the habit to grow in camp times.

Pre-camp Herald normally is released between May and June before the camp and the post-camp Herald is published in Oktober after the camp.


IASC 2009 – Bogensholmlejren, Denmark


IASC Herald #1, pre-camp, 24 pages, PDF                                                           IASC Herald # 2, post-camp, 34 pages, PDF


IASC 2012 – Sandhatten, Germany


IASC Herald # 3, pre-camp, 32 pages, PDF                                                         IASC Herald # 4, post-camp, 32 pages, PDF


IASC 2015 – Unnaryd, Sweden


IASC Herald # 5, pre-camp, 36 pages, PDF                                                        IASC Herald # 6, post-camp, 36 pages, PDF


IASC 2018 – Gerolstein, Germany


IASC Herald # 7 pre-camp 2018, 32 pages, PDF                                              IASC Herald # 8 post-camp 2018, 44 pages, PDF


Asatru-EU Network Herald

As many wished some news in the times between camps Herald editorial was asked to publish an annual Herald by Jul every year. This could be accomplished in the years 2016 and 2017 but as it got every time more difficult to get articles and/or persons willing to write, the project had to be abandoned.


Asatru-EU Herald # 1 Edition Yule 2016, 42 pages, PDF                               Asatru-EU Herald # 2 Edition Yule 2017, 36 pages, PDF