In the summer of 2012 …
we did it again!!!

Take a look at

IASC Herald, pre-camp: 03-IASC-Herald-2012


IASC Herald, post-camp: 04-IASC-Herald-2012

for some impression.


During the last summer camp we recorded a song in which we hail the gods, ancestors and other spirits. This recording can be downloaded at:


Hail ye day
Music and lyrics: Frigga Asraaf

Hail ye dawn, hail ye day.
Hail ye spirits, hail ye sun
Hail ye water, hail ye waves
Hail ye breath, hail ye breeze
Hail ye fire, hail ye flames
Hail ye land, hail ye earth
Hail ye life, hail ye light.
Hail ye friendship, hail ye frith!