The International Asatru Summercamp IASC 2022 in Dresso, Poland has been cancelled!
The Asatru-EU Network has decided this in a poll with a vast majority.

Of course, the ongoing war in Ukraine is behind this decision.

Originally it was planned to start the booking website for IASC 2022 on February 25th. One day before the war started, and in a first step we decided to delay booking for 1 or 2 week, hoping very much it would be a quite short episode. This hope proved to be wrong, as you all know, probably. At this point, nobody can estimate how long the war is going to continue and, furthermore, what will follow after it ends. So, for anyone interested in visiting the camp there is no foundation to make any plans to do so.

Poland is a neighbor country to Ukraine and is taking up the largest share of refugees, at the moment and presumably for quite a while. That is a huge burden not only for the government but also the population. Many of our heathen friends in Poland are engaging in supporting the refugees by active work and/or donating a lot of their income. Many of them are not sure if they will be able to afford the camp.

We had also hoped to draw visitors from other eastern European countries, but this hope is quite obsolete by now.

Another aspect are the drastically rising costs of living, energy and transportation in basically all of Europe and beyond. Quite a few people will simply not be able to afford to come to the camp, as well.

We therefore think that it will be the best option, to cancel this year’s IASC and watch out for a hopefully better year. Please follow us for further updates on our facebook page https://www.facebook.com/Iasc2012 or our website https://www.asatru-summercamp.org

Thank you