IASC 2022

Finally, and after lots of deliberation we can proudly present the destination of IASC 2022. The event will be held late July/early august (date to confirm in advance) in Dresso, Poland, and hosted by Asatru Polska.

The side is about 150 km from Warsovia (about 2h. bus drive), direction south-west and 50km from Lodz, direction south (for the ones coming by car).

The camp-side is located in the middle of the forest with a small town nearby. Accommodation will be in 2 to 4 bed-rooms and there are also small houses for whole families and small groups available, in full pension beginning with dinner on Arrival-Saturday  and ending with breakfast on Leaving-Saturday. Facilities on side are playgrounds, swimming pools and fire pits as well as a large amount of conference rooms indoors and outdoors.

Prices will be revealed in late 2021/early 2022, when booking starts, but we can advance yet that they will be inside the scope of last IASC events.

Attention note 1: To guarantee a safe journey for everyone there will be welcoming committees at the main airport in Warsovia as well as at the main station, from there to the camp side the transport will be made in group by bus.

Attention note 2: Obviously in this time it’s pretty difficult to plan anything really fixed. So take in consideration that due to possible covid-19 second, third, fourth and so on waves the event can be object to alterations, as accommodation changes on side to guarantee social distancing restrictions or changes of date (year wise). We can yet inform that most activities, like conferences, lectures, meetings and also some workshops will be held in the various outdoor pavilions and facilities just to guarantee a proper and healthy air flow.