Acomodation and Prices

All prices (except day passes) include lodging (in the hostel or in your own tent/caravan/mobile home on the grounds of the hostel), full access to all regular facilities of the resort, 3 meals a day (breakfast buffet, lunch, dinner) including warm or cold beverages appropriate to the meal, and access to all activities taking place at IASC 2022. The prices for rooms in the resort include getting linen (sheets, pillowcases, duvet covers).

We point out that there may be some activities on-site that raise extra fees (i.e. bus excursions, workshops that require certain materials etc.) but most of the activities will be free.

Solidarity prices:

We are offering free tickets for children up to 16, children above will be priced as adults. We have to pay for them, though. To make this possible, there are solidarity tickets that can be purchased voluntarily. Nobody is obliged to buy these and there are no privileges if you decide to do so, but we do encourage everyone who is capable to do so.

We also have a fundraising at IASC 2022 to support some projects that will be introduced before IASC. If there is a surplus in 2022, some of the money will be used for this, as well. Besides that we intend to pass on parts of the surplus we have received from IASC 2018 to the next camp as a starter.

2-bed-room / hotel:
Lodging in hotel, separate room, mostly with shower and toilet per room.

3-to-5-bed-room / hotel:
Lodging in hotel, combined rooms with bunk beds (3 to 8 persons). Ideal for families and small groups of friends.


4-to-5-bed house:
Separate housing unit. Ideal for families and small groups of friends.

6-to-8-bed house:
Separate housing unit. Ideal for families and small groups of friends.

Tent/mobile home:
There is a space to set up your tent and a limited number of slots for mobile homes.
For mobile homes you can get electricity at a rate of 5 € per day on site, but will have to bring your own extension cords.