IASC 2018

IASC 2015 was really a success, again. Read about it in the history section!

IASC 2018 will be held at Jugendherberge Eifelsteig in the city of Gerolstein, Germany, and is a week-long heathen camp of meetings, workshops, blots and other activities, organised by Asatru-EU Network (AEUN), with participants from all over the world. Have a look at the program!

The original plan to have IASC 2018 in Spain has been cancelled due to the uncertain situation in Spain and Catalonia.

Enrolment has started January 21st 2018, but please bookmark the event if you’d like to attend.

IASC Pole 2018


Listen to the podcast of IASC 2018 on Deutschlandfunk.