Code of conduct

Code of Conduct

IASC Code of conduct – IASC Council

As a participant of IASC (International Asatru Summer Camp) you commit yourself to comply with the IASC Code of Conduct.

  1. Each participant at IASC is expected to treat the other participants with respect and to conduct him- or herself honorably. To show solidarity and stand with other participants if he or she is aware that they are being harassed or discriminated. To take care and have an eye on children, elderly, sick and disabled, within their own possibilities.
  2. IASC is an inclusive community and we as individuals are proud to be part of it, to take our part of responsibility, care for the community and to protect every one of its members.
  3. Racist, discriminatory and/or bullying behavior, and more generally: causing a nuisance at IASC for other participants and/or the area wherein IASC is held, may lead to the expulsion from IASC of the person(s) concerned.
  4. The IASC Council reserves the right to exclude individuals or groups, of which it has reason to suspect that they might not comply with this code of conduct or otherwise threaten to upset the frithgarth of IASC.
  5. The organizations involved in setting up IASC cannot be held responsible for the acts and/or deeds of individual participants at IASC. IASC and its organizers carry no collective responsibility. They are also not responsible for damage arising during IASC and inflicted on persons or personal property.
  6. Smoking is only allowed in the so assigned areas, but never indoors.
  7. If the campsite allows dogs and other pets, the camp site rules about pets have to be followed. Pets are always the full responsibility of their owners.
  8. All problems and violations within the Code of Conduct will be taken care of by the IASC Council.

IASC Council

The IASC Council consists of one representative from each of the organizing organizations.

The sole purpose of this council is to take care of all disputes that may arise within the terms defined in the Code of Conduct, and to take care of other disputes that may arise amongst participants if these disputes in any way could hamper the camp, before, during or after. If a dispute arises the council will assemble immediately. The decisions of the IASC Council are final.

The IASC Council will also take care of other disputes that may arise amongst participants if these disputes in any way could hamper the camp. If a dispute arises the IASC Council will assemble immediately.

Things brought before the council will be taken care of by the following procedure:

  1. The people involved in the matter are entitled to tell their version of the matter to the IASC Council. They speak one at the time and may not be interrupted.
  2. The members of the IASC Council may then ask questions to the case.
  3. The IASC Council will then retire and find a solution to the matter.
  4. The solution will be announced through a spokesperson elected by the IASC Council.

The decisions of the IASC Council are final.

Failure to comply with the decisions of the Council will result in immediate expulsure from IASC.