There is an up-to-date program here below, being updated continuously until the start of the event. The program in IASC Herald is not updated.

IASC Herald

Lots of information is in IASC Herald 2015. (ready for you to download! )

Friday Fair

The last day of the summercamp will be celebrated with a fair. It is up to all participants what the it will be. You are welcome to sell your arts and crafts and/or bring games, play music, pull pranks, juggle with fire, predict our fortunes, tell a good story, make a Puppet Theatre! Together we create an afternoon full of socializing, fun, surprises and beautiful crafts. For those who wants to sell things or offer services, please, report to how much area you would like, do you need tables and such before 17 July. There will be a display during the whole week to place photos and business cards, presenting what will be available at the fair. Cost to sell: Free for IASC participants. Others are welcome to get a day-pass to join in.


Singing together could be more fun if we all knew the same songs; so here’s two songbooks for the camp! PartySongs 2015 PowerSongs 2015

Updated program

This program will be updated!

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