We are trying to make participation possible for anyone by offering advantageous prices at self-cost. This is also being enforced by donations of the participating asatru groups and lots of volunteer work. Based on this we have set up a fairly simple pricing system.
One general thing in advance: if we will have to decide who’s coming and who’s not – due to possible overbooking – we will privilege people staying for the whole week.

All prices include lodging (in the youth hostel or in your own tent/caravan/mobile home on the grounds of the youth hostel), full access to all regular facilities of the youth hostel, 3 meals a day (breakfast buffet, lunch, dinner) including warm or cold beverages appropriate to the meal, and access to all activities taking place at IASC 2015.

We point out that there may be some activities on-site that raise extra fees (i.e. bus excursions, workshops that require certain materials etc.) but most of the activities will be free.

Prices are not set yet. Sign up for newsletter or on the facebook event to get updates.

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